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Latest projects

  • Vehicle IC Airbag »

    Failure Mode Avoidance to Vehicle IC Airbag

    Innovensys helps Autoliv Sweden apply the Failure Mode Avoidance approach to passenger vehicle Side Airbags during the development phase.
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  • Vehicle Side Airbag »

    Failure Mode Avoidance to Vehicle Side Airbag

    Innovensys supports Autoliv Sweden with the application of Failure Mode Avoidance to newly developed Inflatable Curtains for passenger vehicles.
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  • MFP Laser Engine »

    Design for Six Sigma to MFP Laser Engine

    Innovensys supports Sagem Communications Austria with DfSS application to the paper transportation system of a newly developed multifunction printer.
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Deployment Planning

Deployment Strategy

A key enabler to the success of implementing quality and innovation disciplines is its deployment strategy. This deployment strategy includes the executive vision and objectives for the initiative, as well as a feasible plan for achieving breakthrough results from the initiative. It sets the stage for how a company will measure success and how the organization will be impacted.

This deployment strategy must be customized to the client’s company culture and existing processes as it cannot be simply replicated from other companies. We partner with our client to develop a deployment strategy that is aligned with strategic business goals and contributes most to company culture change. Based on the experience of many deployments around the globe, the experts of Innovensys discuss, define and plan the following typical subjects with the client in deployment planning workshops:

Executives planning a deployment strategy

Methodology Integration

Most critical to the success of implementing quality and innovation disciplines is the integration of the methodology into the client’s existing processes (e.g. product development process). This integration guarantees that the appropriate tools are applied at the correct phase in the development process. It also ensures that the methods truly support product development activities and are not applied in parallel for the sake of the analysis. Moreover, it increases the acceptance of the employees as it is not just another initiative, but supporting tools already embedded in the current processes. For these reasons, Innovensys strongly recommends to conduct a Tool Mapping Workshop™ where we integrate the methods in the client’s process and define method deliverables for project gate reviews.

Training Curriculum Development

Following the results of methodology integration Innovensys develops a customized training curriculum for effective knowledge transfer to the client. Whilst our competitors continue to work with a set of incoherent tools, the experts of Innovensys put strong emphasis on developing logical interrelationships between the tools. Experience has shown that demonstration of these logical interrelationships between tools in training sessions ensures efficient and successful method application, which supports engineers in their daily work.

Gearwheels indicating logical interrelationships between the tools

Project Selection

Selecting the right projects is also a critical success factor for an organization introducing a quality or innovation initiative. Innovensys offers a workshop to assist organizations in project selection to ensure that relevant and economically sound projects are selected. A formal project selection process is defined for the evaluation, prioritization and selection of projects according to a set of criteria. We help your organization to structure the optimal projects portfolio to maximize the financial returns on your initiative.