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Latest projects

  • Vehicle IC Airbag »

    Failure Mode Avoidance to Vehicle IC Airbag

    Innovensys helps Autoliv Sweden apply the Failure Mode Avoidance approach to passenger vehicle Side Airbags during the development phase.
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  • Vehicle Side Airbag »

    Failure Mode Avoidance to Vehicle Side Airbag

    Innovensys supports Autoliv Sweden with the application of Failure Mode Avoidance to newly developed Inflatable Curtains for passenger vehicles.
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  • MFP Laser Engine »

    Design for Six Sigma to MFP Laser Engine

    Innovensys supports Sagem Communications Austria with DfSS application to the paper transportation system of a newly developed multifunction printer.
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Systematic Innovation and Creativity

Business man desperate for creativity and systematic innovation

Typical Situations

Does your company struggle to develop creative and innovative product ideas?

You need to fuel your company’s innovation engine but don’t want to rely anymore on some guided brainstorming sessions and a very few geniuses?

You are looking for innovation to become an all-time event that is manageable?

Our Solution

With systematic innovation you can make your innovation process manageable, continuous, and predictable. It becomes available to everyone involved in the innovation process and increases the innovation potential of organizations and individuals. We educate and implement the most effective innovation methods that systematically:

Our Methods

Innovensys offers the following systematic innovation and structured creativity methods:


Genrich Altshuller, a Russian engineer, investigated more than two million globally distributed patents and discovered that innovation is not a random process, but is governed by set principles and follows well-worn patterns that everyone can learn. Leveraging these codified principles and patterns helps to overcome psychological inertia, where familiar solution directions are pursued and alternative solution paths go unexplored. This forces organizations and individuals to systematically look for ideas outside their normal search space.

Innovensys supports clients with the more classical TRIZ tools and concepts:


Unified Structured Inventive Thinking is a structured, creative problem-solving methodology for finding innovative solution concepts to engineering-design problems. USIT is related to Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT), which originated in Israel and is related to TRIZ, but is a much simpler methodology. USIT enables to invent multiple solution concepts in a short period of time for technical problems in all fields. Key to this methodology is its ability to quickly establish unusual perspectives of a problem situation.

USIT uses either of two algorithms to analyze the problem:

USIT uses six solution techniques to overcome psychological barriers and thoroughly examine the solution space: