MFP Laser Engine


Objectives of the project were to reduce potential failures and optimize the functional performance of the paper transportation system of a newly developed laser engine module used for new printer, fax and MFP products.


DfSS was introduced in the early development phase and the appropriate DfSS methods were selected, including Failure Mode Avoidance tools. In several workshops Failure Mode Avoidance tools such as Boundary Diagram, Design FMEA, Parameter Diagram, Design VMEA, Enhanced Robustness Checklist were successfully applied. Moreover, to understand and optimize the functional behavior of the system DfSS tools such as Screening DoEs and Latin Hypercube DoEs, tailored for CAE applications, as well as Multiple Response Optimization were used.


System functions were carefully formulated and specified and many critical potential failure modes were identified and mitigated. The design and noise parameters that influence the system functions were identified and ranked in order of importance. An intelligent plan for design verification testing was developed that includes noise parameters in tests to excite failure modes. For the most important design parameters optimal settings were found that ensure a robust separation of sheets from the paper stack as well as failure-free transportation of paper through the system under real-world usage conditions.

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