15.02.2010: Innovensys offers Minitab software

As part of a partnership agreement with Minitab Inc., Innovensys will now be offering the Minitab software to support clients with Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma and Design for Reliability services.

As one of the world’s leading developers of statistical and process improvement software Minitab Inc. produces software that is widely used for quality improvement and statistics education. Thousands of distinguished companies have already improved their statistics education with the help of Minitab software. Moreover, it is used to teach statistics in over 4,000 colleges and universities.

Minitab Statistical Software has also proven to be a useful tool in many Six Sigma initiatives around the world. Especially Quality Companion® is used worldwide to plan and execute 6 Sigma DMAIC projects. Additionally, Minitab offers outstanding services, including training, e-learning opportunities, and free technical support.

Innovensys has integrated the Minitab software in their training and consultancy services.

For more information on the Minitab software, please visit: www.minitab.com

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