14.10.2009: Partnership with Axiomatic Design Solutions

Innovensys is delighted to announce a new partnership with Axiomatic Design Solutions, Inc. (ADSI). We are now able to offer the Acclaro DfSS software to improve our Design for Six Sigma services even more. Axiomatic Design Solutions is dedicated to creating better processes in the conceptual design phase. The design synthesis in this concept phase is very critical.

MIT’s remarkable Axiomatic Design technology used by Axiomatic Design Solutions offers a framework that enables a robust design in this critical phase. Axiomatic Design structures this synthesis by translating a minimal set of functional requirements into design parameters with reduced complexity. This is supported by the application of the Independence and Information Axiom.

The objective of this technology is to build quality into product concepts in an early phase, reducing risk, costs and time-to-market by minimizing design iterations. Innovensys has recognized the potential of Axiomatic Design and its advantages for you, and has therefore integrated this approach into their Design for Six Sigma methodology.

The Acclaro DfSS software supports the Axiomatic Design synthesis. It also automates other DfSS methods, such as capturing the Voice of the Customer (VOC), Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Pugh’s Concept Selection and risk mitigation by FMEA. Furthermore, it automates some of the systematic innovation methods from TRIZ.

For more information on the Acclaro DfSS software, please visit: www.dfss-software.com

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