30.01.2009: Innovensys launches its brand-new website

Innovensys is delighted to announce the official launch of its international internet presence. Powered by the Drupal Content Management System, the website has been designed and branded in collaboration with corporate branding and media design agency dreipunktnull. The new website for Innovensys has been designed as a portal with company news, publications and information about innovation and quality methodologies. It also presents the expertise of the Innovensys experts in various markets and industries. In this way, the website aims to focus on the needs of clients and users. For example, in the "Latest Projects" section, visitors to the website can find the latest innovation and quality discipline implementation examples executed by the Innovensys experts.

The english-language website will serve as the central contact point for anyone who is interested in Innovensys and wants to get in touch. The website strives for brevity to appeal to a target group with little time to spend. Innovensys' internet presence was created to serve both the needs of companies and methodology experts. The use of self-activating animation and multimedia applications was consciously scaled back to minimize access barriers. This effort also included making the site easy and predictable to navigate.

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